Desvelamos la portada de F*** IT!

Aquí tenéis en primicia la portada de F*** IT!

Es un fantástico y cuidado trabajo (un collage original) que la diseñadora Acid Hazel ha convertido en la portada del nuevo disco de SÖAX. Un premio para aquellos que todavía piensan en el valor de los discos físicos…

Perfectionist, geometric and dark, Acid Hazel is an independent visual designer. She has an insatiable passion and a fondness for typography, printing, black and white, music and paper structure. She works on commissioned and self-initiated projects in all stages of printed matter such as editorial design, book art, brand development, visual identity design, electronic music, art direction, besides personal works as monoprintings, collages, mix of disciplines, etc.

She is especially interested in the experimentation and testing interdisciplinary visual methodologies into visual grammar, as well the ancient world, the symbolism and the dark arts. Mainly focus on experimental form of the printing method to analogue, digital and conceptual, the mix of textures, typography, painting and photography.

Looking forward to cooperating with brand-new projects about art, design, printed matter, brand identity and visual experimentation.

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